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Equipment financing comes with a myriad advantages. These advantages can be seen for both the Fuel Marketer, as well as Distributors. 


By generating revenue right away with the newly-acquired equipment, financing can pay for itself from the use of equipment right from the start.  In short, today's productivity can be paid for with tomorrow's dollars. The process of financing is simple and convenient and ensures that you...or your customer...has the equipment they--when they need it.

Fuel Marketer Benefits include:

  • 100% financing including installation, training, maintenance and other soft costs over-and-above the equipment

  • Conserves working capital to be used for other day-to-day expenditures

  • Flexibility with custom financing programs that can tailor a monthly payment around budgetary concerns

  • Protection from obsolescence to ensure state-of-the-art equipment is always being taken advantage of

  • Preserves credit lines so any available bank credit is not affected

  • Potential to save on taxes through IRS Section 179


Distributor Benefits include:

  • Selling monthly payments can be easier and more affordable than cash

  • Size of the order may be increased so additional equipment/accessories can be suggested

  • Sell more equipment through upgrades at the end of the term

  • Competitive rates

  • Quick turnaround times with the implementation of eDocuments

  • All  documents will be prepared for you

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